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zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

Night Train To Nashville Vol. 2

Disc: 1
1. Boogie Woogie Jockey (Jimmy Sweeney) 2. Gene Nobles' Boogie (Richard Armstrong) 3. All States Boogie (Ivory Joe Hunter) 4. Wail Daddy (Charlie Dowell & Orchestra) 5. Blues (Billie McAllister) 6. No Better For You (Gay Crosse & the Good Humor) 7. You Belong To Me (Helen Foster) 8. Too Much (Bernard Hardison) 9. If Things Don't Change (Gene Allison) 10. Love, Love, Love (Ted Jarrett) 11. Miss You So (Lillian Offitt) 12. Little Darlin' (The Gladiolas) 13. No Fool No More (Charles Walker & the Daffodils) 14. Pretty Please (The Kinglets w/Leroy Thomas) 15. She Can Rock (Little Ike) 16. I'm Coming Home (The Neptunes) 17. You Better Change (Hal & Jean) 18. Ok, So What? (Freddie North) 19. She Wears My Ring (Jimmy Bell)  

Disc: 2
1. Doctor Feel-Good (Dr. Feelgood & The Interns) 2. I'm A Woman (Christine Kittrell) 3. Don't Pity Me (Herbert Hunter) 4. Next To Me (Clyde McPhatter) 5. Release Me (Esther Phillips) 6. Soldier of Love (Arthur Alexander) 7. Don't Take My Kindness for a Weakness (Earl Gaines) 8. That's My Man (Marion James) 9. Strain On My Heart (Roscoe Shelton) 10. Soul Poppin' (Johnny Jones & the King Casuals) 11. Swinging Soul Medallion (John Richbourg) 12. Right on Time (Jimmy Church) 13. Judy (Frank Howard) 14. Leave It Up to the Boys (Sandra King) 15. Don't You Forget That You're My Baby (The Spidells) 16. I'm Free (The Prisoner's Song) (Johnny Bragg) 17. Screamin' and Shoutin' (The Fabulettes) 18. (You Keep Me) Hangin' On (Joe Simon) 19. She's All I Got (Freddie North) 20. Lucky Lou (The Imperials)


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