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vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

Sixties Archives Volume 4

1 –Tasmanians* Baby 2 –Tasmanians* Love, Love, Love 3 –Plastic Blues Band* Gone 4 –Plastic Blues Band* Dead Seed 5 –Mark Markham & The Jesters Goin' Back To Marlboro Country 6 –Mark Markham & The Jesters I Don't Need You 7 –Talula Babies Hurtin' Kind 8 –Talula Babies Mine Forever 9 –Mods* Empty Heart 10 –Mods* Sweets For My Sweet 11 –Esquires* Heartaches Stay The Night 12 –Esquires* Heat 13 –Palace Guards* No Comin' Back 14 –Palace Guards* Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown 15 –Shy Guys* Black Lightening Light 16 –Kreeg* How Can I 17 –Kreeg* Impressin' 18 –Era Of Sound Girl In The Mini Skirt 19 –Burgundy Runn* Stop! 20 –Plague* Go Away 21 –Movin' Morfomen* Run Girl Run 22 –Lincoln St. Exit Sunny Sunday Dream 23 –Lincoln St. Exit The Bummer 24 –Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2* I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD) 25 –Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2* Double Crossin' Girl 26 –Grass* I'm Getting Tired 27 –Outer Limits* Don't Need You No More 28 –Nobody's Children (5) St. James Infirmary 29 –Axis Brotherhood Signed D.C. 30 –Chob* We're Pretty Quick 31 –Chob* Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore


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