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donderdag 18 september 2014

Lost Jukebox 16 To 20

Volume 16
1. The Who - Waltz For A Pig (2:25) 2. Bocky - Give Me A Minute Of Your Time (2:26) 3. The What Four - Anything For A Laugh (2:30) 4. The New Society - Dawn Of Sorrow (2:44) 5. The Pussyfoot - Things That Still Remind Me (2:12) 6. Baskerville Hounds - Last Night On The Back Porchoh, How I Loved Her (2:08) 7. The Lewis And Clark Expedition - I Feel Goodi Feel Bad (2:26) 8. Peter's Pipers - I Don't Know What You're Waiting For (2:31) 9. Jamie And The Jury - Highly Dependable, Well Oiled, Smoothly Functioning Machine (2:51) 10. Black And White Rainbows - Peter's Birthday (2:56) 11. Jeff Thomas - I Keep It Hid (3:05) 12. Salt And Pepper - I'll Spend Forever Loving You (3:09) 13. Procession - You (2:51) 14. Thomas And Richard Frost - Hello Stranger (2:45) 15. The Magic Reign - Charcoal Sketch (2:53) 16. The Young Turks - Neon (2:05) 17. Summerhill - Soft Voice (3:38) 18. The Cats - Scarlet Ribbons (3:17) 19. Gideon - Oh! Sweet Love (2:16) 20. The Sugar Blues - Look What We Have Joined Together (2:22) 21. Snappers - Mirror Man (2:45) 22. The New Kick - Song The City Sings (2:53) 23. Copperpenny - Stopwait A Minute (3:06) 24. Noah's Ark - Purple Heart (2:50) 25. Arkade - Where You Lead (2:37) 26. Happy Day - Give Me Some Love (3:05) 27. Sonny's Group - Georgia And John Quetzal (2:10)

Volume 17
1. No Need To Cry (David Whittaker)(Don David and Dean, Canadian American CA-183: 1964, P: A Ritz Production) 2. Old Willow (M. Torbert)(The Druids, Columbia 4-43639: 1965, P: Mike Berniker) 3. Everyone Can Tell (Sloan-Barri)(Terry Black, Tollie 9041: 1965, P: Sloan & Barri for Dunhill Productions) 4. When You Take More Than You Give (Curtiss)(Kelly & Gail, Colpix CP-798: 1965, P: R.P. Marcucci, A: Gene Page) 5. Where Did We Go Wrong (Clark-Hatch)(The Sands of Time, Warner Bros 5855: 1966, Accompaniment Directed by Tony Hatch, A Pye Records, U.K. Recording) 6. Hang On To A Dream (Hardin)(Danny Hutton, MGM K13613: 1966, P: Danny Hutton, C: Gene Page) 7. In The Sunshine Days (Hilo De Seda)(Larry Kusik-Eddie Snyder-Los Pekenikes)(Tony Sandler & Ralph Young, Bob Bain And His Music, Capitol 2083: 1968, P: David Cavanaugh) 8. New In Town (Perles-Lerman-Sheppard)(Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Liberty 55985: 1967, P: Koppelman-Rubin-Klein - A Product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates, A: Hank Levine) 9. Old Man (Vickberg-Lawrence-Henderson)(The Collectors, Valiant V-760: 1967, P: Barry DeVorzon and Don Addrisi) 10. And It's So Good (R. Overman)(Don & the Goodtimes, Epic 5-10145: 1967, P: Jack Nitzsche) 11. Lightning And Thunder (E. Chiprut-E. Stabile)(The Tidal Wave, Buddah BDA 69: 1968, P: Elliot Chiprut, A: E. Chiprut) 12. Try (Dean Parks)(Crowd + 1, Capitol 2259: 1968, P: J. Henry Burnett-David R. Anderson) 13. Sha La La La Lee (Lynch-Shuman)(Symon and Pi, Capitol 2268: 1968, P: Mark P. Wirtz) 14. Face The Music (Ray Stevens)(Ray Stevens, Monument Mn45-1083: 1968, P: Fred Foster & Ray Stevens, A: Louis Nunley) 15. Beat The Clock (Richard Gottehrer-John Stroll)(Elfstone, World Pacific 77912: 1969, P: Kim Fowley, A: Michael Lloyd, Music Coordinator: Marty Cerf) 16. Beautiful Lady (P.T. Cooper-J. Dunlap)(Wrinkle, Imperial 66428: 1969, P: Buck Munger A Jason LTD. Production, E: Bert Agudelo) 17. Little Boy (B & M Gibb)(Marbles, Cotillion 45-44036: 1969, P: Barry Gibb, Accompaniment Directed by Bill Shepherd) 18. Love Is A Happening (N. Marzano-J. Calvert-P. Naumann)(Bill Wendry & the Boss Tweeds, Columbia 4-44961: 1969, P: Jimmy Wisner, A: Trod Nossel & Pete Dino) 19. The Wherefore And The Why (Gordon Lightfoot)(The Johnstons, Tetragrammaton T-1530: 1969, P: Nathan Joseph)* 20. Mr. Turnkey (Rick Evans)(Zager & Evans, RCA 74-0246: 1969, P: Ted Daryll)* 21. The Peddler's Blues (A. J. Cohen)(Common Ground, Date 2-1657: 1969, P: Cashman, Pistilli & West for Interrobang Productions, A: Pete Dino) 22. Dreaming (Ted Paxson)(Yellow Hair, Bell B-856: 1970, P: Jim Isaacson for Star Talent Productions) 23. Add Some Music To Your Day (Brian Wilson-Joe Knott-Mike Love)(The Beach Boys, Brother/Reprise 0894: 1970, P: The Beach Boys, E: Stephen Desper) 24. California Girl (J.B. Bingham)(Five Flights Up, T-A 212: 1971, P: John Florez) 25. Spaceship Races (Gerry Goffin-Carole King)(Tom Northcott, Uni 55288: 1971, P: Tom Northcott, A: Bob Buckley)* 26. A Wednesday In Your Garden (R. Bachman-B. Cummings)(The Invitations, Big Tree BT 121: 1971, P: A Prod. of LOVE, A: LOVE, String Arr.: LOVE & Doug Riley) 27. I Won't Last A Day Without You (Paul Williams-Roger Nichols)(Andy & David Williams, Kapp K-2179: 1972, P: Jackie Mills for Wednesday's Child Productions, A,C: Al Capps)

Volume 18
1. The Fife Piper (Evans-Van Scyoc-Figlar)(The Dynatones, HBR HBR 494: 1966, P: J.J. Jules A St. Clair Production) 2. Afraid Of Love (King)(Hedgehoppers Anonymous, Parrot 45-PAR 9800: 1965, P: Johnathan King) 3. Bad Reputation (H. Giosasi-D. Marchand)(The James Boys, Columbia 4-43488: 1966, P: Morty Craft and Joe Scott) 4. Girl (J. Lennon-P. McCartney)(The Truth, ABC 10765: 1966, P: Jeff Cooper An Alan A. Freeman Presentation, Acc. Directed by Johnny Harris) 5. Sugar Stone (D. Rowell, K.G. Hayes)(The Candy Company, ABC 45-10854: 1966, P: C. Boettcher for OUR Productions) 6. Life Is A Dream (B. Ray-J. Smith)(Thorinshield, Philips 40492: 1967, P: Steve Douglas, A: Perry Botkin Jr. & Thorinshield) 7. Masquerade (Jesse Lee Kincaid)(Jesse Lee Kincaid, Capitol 5807: 1967, P,A: Dan Dalton) 8. You Need Love (The Hollies)(The Up-Set, American Music Makers AMM007: 1967, P,D: Lou Guarino) 9. Long Live Apple Pie (Jef Labes)(The Apple Pie Motherhood Band, Atlantic 45-2477: 1968, P: Felix Pappalardi for One Toad, Two Frogs) 10. Ways Of Love Are Strange (Steven Hoffman)(The Proposition, Dot 45-17186: 1968, P: Clancy Grass III for The 3rd. Enterprises, A: Bob Klimes) 11. An Uphill Climb (Thomas-McRee-Thomas)(Tymes Syndicate, ABC 11191: 1968, P: Bob McRee & Staff and Tymes Syndicate) 12. She Sleeps Alone (Roberds-Capps-McLeod)(Pat Shannon, Warner Bros 7210: 1968, P: Dick Glasser, A: Al Capps) 13. Cotton Candy Weekend (Dudley Ford Baxter-Kerry Hatch)(The Revelation, Music Factory MU-412: 1968, P: Mike Post, A: Kerry Hatch, Manufactured by Andy Productions, Inc.) 14. Sleeping Out The Storm (Gordon-Bonner)(The Barracuda, RCA 47-9743: 1968, P: Charles Koppelman and Don Rubin with Alan Gordon, a product of Koppelman-Rubin Associates) 15. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (Whitley-Cobb)(The Sensational Epics, Warner Bros 7168: 1968, P: Ray Whitley) 16. Daffodil Rain (Francis-Taylor)(John & Anne Ryder, Decca 32506: 1969, P: Mark Edwards) 17. Stop The World (From Tumbling Down)(Victor Ghosen)(The Yellow Brick Road, Laurie LR 3532: 1969, P: A Laurie Production, A: Yellow Brick Road, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios) 18. Happy Birthday (Georgio Moroder-Peter Rainford)(Georgio, Atco 45-6691: 1969, P: Stop International) 19. Destiny's Children (Gene Thomas)(Gene Thomas, TRX 45-T-5023: 1969, P: Don Gant, A: Tupper Saussy) 20. Alice Long (You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend)(T. Boyce-B. Hart)(Billy Budd, Page One 21,025: 1969, P: Larry Page, A: Colin Frechter) 21. Ain't It Easy (Gary Black-Zelma Black)(The Magic Grass, Decca 732544: 1969, P,A: Larry Banghart)* 22. Can't You Hear The Music Play (Charles Brucato)(The Rustix, Rare Earth R-5011: 1969, P: R. Dean Taylor, A: R. Dean Taylor) 23. You (Jeff Barry-Andy Kim)(Andy Kim, Steed 45-723: 1970, P: Jeff Barry)* 24. Since You've Been Gone (Egeiston-Morris-Currier-Marshall)(D.C. Hawk, Uni 55283: 1971, P: Steve Waltner & Dave Fox for Raintree Productions, Recorded at Living Sound Recorders) 25. Father And Son (Cat Stevens)(Silver Dust, Sun SI-1124: 1971, P: Knox Phillips)* 26. Gettin' In Over My Head (G. Belletiere-C. Welch-B. Meshel)(Badge, Exhibit EX-4600: 1971, P: Billy Meshel - A Famous Music Production, A,C: John Abbott)

Volume 19
1. The James Bond Theme (Double-O-Seven)(M. Norman; S. Roberts)(The Four Esquires, Terrace 45-7516: 1963, P: Jack Gold, A,C: Bill Ramal) 2. Love Comes And Goes (L. Martine, Jr.)(Layng Martine, Jr.; Date 2-1511: 1966) 3. You Sure Fall Down A Lot (J. Music-M. Music)(The Musics, Columbia 4-43634: 1966) 4. River Deep - Mountain High (Barry-Greenwich-Spector)(2 Of Clubs, Fraternity F994: 1967, P: Carl Edmondson, A: Frankie Brown) 5. Blue Revelations (Travis Lewis-Boomer Clarke)(The Lewis & Clark Expedition, Colgems 66-1006: 1967, P: Jack Keller) 6. Faces (J. Caswell-P. Rakes-L. Pakula)(Johnny Caswell, Luv 250: 1967, P: Madera-White Productions, A: J. Wisner) 7. More To Love (Than Moonlight)(Ritchie-Spence)(The Chantelles [Of London], GNP Crescendo GNP-415: 1968, P: Miki Dallon in England for Deutsche Vogue) 8. Fill My Soul (Goodman-R. Grasso)(The Pop Explosion, We Make Rock 'N' Roll 1603: 1968, P: A James Foley/Richard Grasso Production, A: Richard Grasso) 9. Something To Think About (D. Cox)(J.P. Rags, World Pacific 77905: 1968, P: Larry Goldberg & Doug Cox for Double Productions, A: Ralph Geddes) 10. Let Me Get Through To You, Baby (Gore/Bayer)(Ginny Tiu & The Few, Amaret 45-100: 1968, P: Gary Loizzo & Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, A: Eddie Higgins) 11. Snowqueen (Goffin-King)(The Byzantine Empire; Amy A-11,018: 1968, P: Bill Traut for Dunwich Productions, Inc., Horns Arr. By Eddie Higgins) 12. I See A Light (Daniel-G. Graybeal)(Morning Glory, Fontana F-1613: 1968, P: Abe "Voco" Kesh) 13. A Good Time Song (J. Robb-C. Robb)(The Robbs, Atlantic 45-2578: 1968, P: A ROBB Production, A: Tom La Tondre) 14. Round Going Round (George Alexander)(Grapefruit, Dunhill D-4178: 1969, P: Terry Melcher - An Equinox Production) 15. Every American Citizen (Peacock)(Procession, Smash S-2239: 1969) 16. Paradise (Is Half As Nice)(L. Battisti-J. Fishman)(Dave Clark Five, Epic 5-10474: 1969, P: Dave Clark) 17. I'll Come Running To You (Jerry Harris)(Errol Sober, Abnak AB-148: 1969, P: Abnak Music Enterprises, Inc.)* 18. Goodnight Baby (M. Hiro)(The King Tones, Atco 45-6673: 1969, Recording of Nippon Grammaphon Co., Tokyo) 19. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix)(Dion, Laurie 3478: 1969, P: A Laurie Production - Phil Gernhard, A: Dave Mullaney, Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios) 20. Blue Horizon (L. Collins; J. Green)(The Cats, Sire 45-4116: 1969, P: Klaas Leyen for N.V. Bovema [Holland], A: William Jongbloed) 21. Mystery Lady (Stein-Fay)(The Mirage; Page One 21,006: 1969, P: Larry Page, MD: Colin Frechter) 22. Won't Find Better (Than Me)(Hausman-Stewart)(The New Hope, Jamie 1381: 1969, Production and Sound by Mike) 23. She Never Sleeps Beside Me (Evans)(Zager & Evans, RCA 74-0299: 1970, P,A: Ray Cork, Jr.)* 24. Sentimental Lisa (H. Price-D. Walsh)(Arkade, Dunhill D-4277: 1971, P: Steve Barri, E: Phil Kaye) 25. Wild Honey (S. Gaden, B. Ross)(The Gas Station, Happy Tiger HT-582: 1971, P: Richard Delvy & Ed Fournier Product of Richard Delvy Ent., Inc.) 26. Martha (R. White)(Paper Lace, Bang B-700: 1972, P: Roy White)* Hidden Track: 27. You For Weren't It If (Dalton-Montgomery)(The Committee, White Whale, WW-257: 1967, P: Capps & Farber A Feigin & Lasseff Production)

Volume 2
01. Girls On The Rocks (B. Crewe-H. Davie)(The Bob Crewe Generation, Dynovoice 229: 1966, P: A Bob Crewe Production, A,C: Hutch Davie) 2. I Just Don't Know (Adam Faith with The Roulettes, Amy 913: 1964) 3. My Love (Roses Are Red)(R. Esposito)(The "You Know Who" Group: 4 Corners Of The World FC 4 113: 1964, P: Bob Gallo at Talent Masters Studios) 4. Oh Darling How I Miss You (Arland; Hertha; Conrad)(Kathy Kirby, Parrot 45 PAR 9775: 1965) 5. Say It Again (Sloan-Barri)(Terry Black, Tollie 9041: 1965, P: Sloan & Barri for Dunhill Productions) 6. When I Look Back (Brown-Dudman-Booker-McQuater)(The Sands of Time, Warner Bros 5855: 1966, Accompaniment Directed by Tony Hatch, A Pye Records, U.K. Recording) 7. My Group And Me (Jackie DeShannon)(Raga & the Talas, World Pacific 77847: 1966, P: Jackie DeShannon) 8. We Have So Little Time (Kin Vassey-Mike Crowley)(The New Society, RCA 47-8958: 1966, P: Randy Sparks, A,C: Lincoln Mayorga) 9. Rattler (Woodley)(Dream Merchants, London 45-LON-1015: 1967, P: Graham Beggs) 10. I'll Let You Know (W. Wadhams-D. Askew)(Society's Children, Atco 45-6538: 1967, P: Steve & Bill Jerome for Real Good Productions, A: Irving Spice [A Touch of Spice]) 11. The Magic Book (R. Greenaway-R. Cook)(Peter's Pipers, Philips 40568: 1968, P: Dick Corby, A: Joe Renzetti) 12. Time Will Tell (Mills-Harris)(Leapy Lee, Decca 32380: 1968, P: Gordon Mills) 13. Destiny Cryin' (Poll-Cantlay)(The Gaslight Union, Tower 382: 1968) 14. That Kind Of Woman (Donna Weiss-Mary Unobskey)(Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts, Bell 738: 1968, P: Tommy Cogbill & Chips Moman, Strings Arr. By Mike Leach) 15. I Want You To Be Mine (E. Chiprut)(The Tidal Wave, Buddah BDA 69: 1968, P: Elliot Chiprut) 16. Looky, Looky What I Got (V. Simpson-Nicholas & A. Josephine Armstead)(The Young Turks, Odyssey OR 1112: 1969P: Brandon Wade & Cory Wade, A: Paul Libman) 17. Tears Of Joy (Sprague-Wally-Hosino-Kam)(The Real Thing, Whiz 616: 1969, P: Hooven-Winn-Rodgers, Promotion In Motion: Irwin Zucker) 18. Fairy Tale Affair (Richard Frost)(Thomas & Richard Frost, Imperial 66451: 1969, P: Ted Glasser, A: Al Capps, E: Dino Lappas) 19. The First Cut If The Deepest (Stevens)(Danish Lost & Found, Laurie 3492: 1969, A Triola Record [Denmark] Recording) 20. I Didn't Even Thank Her (S. Scheier-F. Holmes)(The Alexander Rabbit, A&M 1101: 1969, P: Irving Spice for Spice Productions) 21. Hey, Hey, Hey, And A Heigh Ho (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil)("Angel, Angel, Down We Go" OST; Tower 519: 1969, P: Barry Mann and Al Gorgoni)* 22. Follow The Lamb (S. Cahn-J. Styne)(Racheal & The Strawberry Shepherds, UNI 55258: 1970, P: Harry Deal & Jack Gale for Jaggle Productions, Recorded at Galaxie 3, Taylorsville, N.C.) 23. Apartment Twenty-One (John Buck Wilkin)(John Buck Wilkin, Liberty 56176: 1970, P: Don Tweedy A Don Tweedy Production, A,C: Don Tweedy) 24. Why Don't You Get To Know Yourself (Roger A. Pauly)(Happy Day, UNI 55290: 1971, P: Norm Miller & Jim Long) 25. (Everything Is) Love And Sunshine (Tommy Oliver)(Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti, MGM K 14598: 1973, P: Tony Scotti, Tommy Oliver & Michael Lloyd, A: Tommy Oliver & Tony Scotti) 26. More Sunshine (P. Vegas-V. Caray)(The Giant Sunflower, Take 6 1000: 1967, P: A Vegas Bros. Prod.)


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