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dinsdag 30 september 2014

Rockabilly Hoodlums

Volume 1
1 Ray Tyler & The Alabama Pals Connie Lou 2 Ray Tyler & The Alabama Pals My Hamtramk Baby 3 Lynn Pratt & His Rhythm Cats They're Learning 4 Lynn Pratt & Jubilaires Quartet Red Headed Woman 5 Lynn Pratt & His Rhythm Cats Come Here Mama 6 Lynn Pratt & His Rhythm Cats Tom Cat Boogie 7 Lee (Red) Melson & The Missouri Nighthawks-Rockin Thru The Tunnel Of Love 8 Lee (Red) Melson & The Missouri Nighthawks Carmen Sue Rock 9 Hamnk Mathews Alabama Boogie 10 Berry Smith & The Radio Pals Berry Bounch (instr.) 11 Hender Saul I Ain't Gonna Rock Tonight 12 Randy Spangler & The Country Lats Rock And Roll Baby 13 Leon And Carlos Rock Everybody 14 Leon And Carlos Rock Run Blues (instr.) 15 Don Burton & The Fads Tantalizin' Baby 16 Don Burton & The Fads Somebody Stop That Woman 17 Rasty Howard With Chuck Joyce Let's Rock 18 Curtis Potter I'm A Real Glad Daddy 19 Floyd Mack I Like To Go 20 Don Burton & The Fada This Is It 21 The Carpenten Brothers & Rhythm Boppers Don't Cry Little Draling 22 Jesse Stevens & Big Sand Boys Mama, Mama 23 Jesse Stevens & Big Sand Boys Go Boy Go 24 The Trespassers No Trespassing (instr) 25 The Round Up Boys Rock And Roll Baby 26 Wayne Gogers Wayne Boogie 27 Jeanie Christie & Earl Durrance Flying High 28 Wayne Buchanan The Boy And The Guitar 29 Ray Strong You're Gonna Reap What You Sow 30 Rat Tailor & Alabama Pals Clocking My Card  

Volume 2
1 Carmol Talor Free As A Breeze 2 Ken Clevenger Love Me All The Time 3 Slim Dortch Big Boy Rock 4 The Emanons Emanons Rock 5 The Emanons Old Man River 6 Prince Arky & The Westerners Ten Horned Devil 7 Herb Ivey & The Swingsters Rock Cats Rock 8 Olen Bingham Love Them Every One 9 Marvin Jackon & The Ozark Toppers G ee Whiz,Miss Liz 10 Billy Free I'll Tear You're Playhouse Down 11 Buck Tickle & Jim Thornton & Band That Other Woman 12 Danny Snow Forever 13 Steve French Crying With The Blues 14 Johnny Pal & The Winchester Four Tired Of Traveling 15 Ray Burton That Kind Of Carrying On 16 Ramblin'Valley Boys Guitar Hop 17 Tom James Hey Baby 18 Tom James Track Down Baby 19 The Tri-Tones Chicken In The Basket 20 Bill Carter & A.V.Looper Cool Tom Cat 21 Jerry Carr & The Travelers I Laugh When I Should Have Been Listenen 22 Ronnie Burton Somebody's Been Babyen My Baby 23 Eddie Carter & The Sunset Ramblers Railroad Stomp 24 Bill Massey & Jerry Dove Pink Bow Tie 25 Normal Bullock & The Southerneers Lies,Lies,Lies 26 Normal Bullock & The Southerneers Moanin'The Blues 27 Glen Barr & Roger Harrison Only Cowgirl In Town 28 Ralph Collier You'll Be Running Home To Me 29 Bill Duzal & The Corvettes Shaften 30 The Barker Brothers(Monty & Freddy) Hey Little Mama

Volume 3
1 Jimmy Bankston I Come From Louisiana 2 James Gallagher Ford And Shaker 3 Winnie Starr & The Oklahoma Kid Baby By Rock 4 The Echoes My baby 5 Little Johnny Poole Bare Footed Baby 6 James Gallagher Are You The One 7 Lonnie Barron Teenage Queen 8 The Paragons Scramble(inst.) 9 Ralph Arnold Hound Dog boogie 10 Norm Childs & Flat Top's Ramble Rousers Coverup 11 Joe Therrien Jr.& The Rhythm Four Siam 12 L.Curnutt & The Ramblers Buzzin'Bee 13 Joe L. White Staying Home Tonight 14 Jimmy Starr It's Me 15 Al Sims Hard Working Man 16 Clay Eager Helen Jo 17 Don Love & His Heartbeats Panic In The Powerplant(inst.) 18 Gary Link & The Rock-AS-Fellas Rhythm Rock 19 P.Jay & The Haystackers Little Heart Attacks 20 Jay Earls & The Holston River Boys Baby,I'm Lonesome 21 Bill Davenport & Circle D Ranch Hands Rock & Roll With Mon & Dad 22 Daytom Smith & The Roving Warriors What Will The Answer Be 23 Jimmy Stevens & Dela McCarthy Scramble 24 Bey Ireland & The Stardusters Snap,Crackle & Rock 25 The 3 Honeydrops Rockin' Satellite 26 Pete Ronstadt & The Nightbeats Lonesome Road Roack 27 Cletis Lilly Southland Boogie 28 Dan Kuniak & The Sound Waves Finding You 29 Jack kitchen & The Rock-A-Billies Hot Rod Boogie 30 Unknown Demo Rock Pretty Baby

Volume 4
1 Keith Huggard & The Night Hawks My Linda Lou 2 Everett Spears Truck Driving Man 3 Bobby Boyle I Build A Wall Around My Heart 4 Jay McCoy Everybodys Lookin' 5 Gary & The Stereos Left With The Blues 6 Bobby Nelson Quartet There Ain't Nothin' About You 7 Robert Butner & The Nashville Sounds Pioneer Rock (Inst.) 8 Jimmy Null My Girl 9 J.C. Clay Transfusion Blues 10 Mabel Williams & Buddy Barnett Bunny Bop 11 Red Mansel My Only One 12 The Corvairs & The Stith Twins & The Langdon Twins Black Diamonds 13 Johnny Watson Crazy Weekand 14 The Corvairs & The Stith Twins & The Langdon Twins Slipped Disc (Inst.) 15 Lloyd Arnold & The Rockin' Drifters That's How I Wake Up 16 Lloyd Arold My Bucket's Got A Hole In It 17 Pete Ronstadt With Burt & Ray (The Nightbeats) Cryin All Night 18 Jeff Johnson & The Lonely Ones Doin' My Time 19 Jeff Johnson & The Lonely Ones Flight 404 20 Jeff Johnson & The Lonely Ones Movies No. 2 21 The Modern's - Royal Royal Express (Inst.) 22 Danny Diamons & The Rubies Rhythm in My Bones 23 Big Bill Johnson Hot Rod Car 24 Big Bill Johnson Big Burley 25 Jack Frazier Goolsby Hey Hey, Baby 26 Paul Perry Dee 27 Linda Manning Sweeter Than Sweet 28 Phil Baugh The Finger (Inst.) 29 Jay Haggard & The Jubileers Band Tom Cat 30 The Four Ekko's Toodaloo Kangaroo

Volume 5 
1 J.W.German Milcow Blues 2 Sonny Starns Baton Rouge L.A. 3 Percy Dodge Go Go Gertrude 4 Eddy Raven Ladies Man 5 Mike Miller & Jack Casey & The Star Mountain Boys Dont Mess Up My Hair 6 J.W.German Deep Elm Blues 7 Gray Montgomery Right Now 8 Sonny Starns Tangi  Paho 9 Eddy Raven Once A Fool 10 Vern Godown & The Country Versatiles Baby Said Goodbye 11 Denny Noie & The Catalinas It Aint A Big Thing 12 Ralph Hodges Honey Talk 13 George Ford With Larry & The Crossfires Send You Back To Memphis 14 Ben Hall & The Country Drifters Moo Mama 15 Louis Ratcliff Peck Little Pecker Wood 16 Harold Montgomery & The Ray Johnson Band How Much Do You Miss me 17 Unknown Singer & Band Hard Rock 18 The Teen Kings Hep Cat (Inst.) 19 Hank & The Electras Woman Train 20 Harold Zahner With Johnny Smith & The Missouri Two Shake Baby Shake 21 Danny Dell Fun LovinBaby 22 Lowell Knipp Goofy Little Bug 23 Wayne Arthur Big Daddy 24 Don McCormick & The Gate City Rambler Giddy Up Go Two Step(Inst) 25 Walter(Arkie)Bittle & The Flying Saucers Jitterbug Drag 26 Glynn Hipp & The Flying Saucers Hard Headed Woman 27 Glynn Hipp & The Flying Saucers Lets Go Again 28 Glynn Hipp & The Flying Saucers Johnny B. Goode 29 Glynn Hipp & The Flying Saucers Love My Life Away (Inst.) 30 Glynn Hipp & The Flying Saucers I Got A Woman

Volume 6
1 The Collins Coins Jilted Again 2 Johnny Acton Snuffy Smith 3 Leroy Wilkerson Backfired 4 Ford Nix & The Moonshiners Nine Times Out Of Ten 5 Thythm Rangers J.C.Boogie 6 Ford Nix & The Moonshiners Aint No Sign I Wouldnt If I Could 7 Dick Marquis Let Me Hold You Tight 8 Richard Chevalier & The Starlites Hang My Tears On A Line Outside 9 George Bowe & The Travelers Big Man 10 Dick Marquis Walkin AroundIn Circles 11 Joe Garlin Trio Joes Breakdown 12 Ralph Wooldridge Sit It Out 13 Frank Bell & Aaron Smith Truckers Lament 14 Bobby & The Fifths My Babys Fine 15 The Rockets Little Drummer 16 The Rockets Danger 17 Reggie Davis Hungry For Love 18 Big Brad & The Four Star Boys It Wont Last 19 Dick Shearer & The Cavaliers The Jungle Boogie 20 Donald Beal & The Carolina Wranglers Thats Whats Making You Cry 21 Joe & Ray Shannon Hobo Baby 22 Bashful Bobby Wooten Leon 23 Bashful Bobby Wooten Goin Deer Huntin 24 Les Tasher & His Rebel Rocks Silly Lilly 25 Larry Hollis Oil Field Rock And Roll 26 Lewis Pruitt & The True Lads This Little Girl 27 Jack Renshaw & The Night Owls Hide-A-Way 28 Jim Haggard Memphis Blues 29 Reggie Davis 6:30 In The Morning 30 Jim Foster With The Kountry Kut Ups-Rog Roof Roadster

 Volume 7
1 Lucky Sloan Wanda Lou 2 Homer Clay with Randy Clay All Night Through 3 Arvis McRae & The Texas Keys Me And My Love 4 Norm Sharkey Big Cadillac 5 Frank Hudson Scraping The Botton Of The Barrel 6 Ron Jordan & The Volcanoes Chimay 7 Archie Poe & Art Utley & The Rhythm Ranger You're Not Fooling Anymore 8 Jones & Stephens,The Hymnsmen Tag Along 9 Rex Patrick Don't Hang In That Womanï 10 Randy Clay I'm So Happy 11 The Furys Furyous 12 Don Sessions Watchin' T.V. 13 Bill Laundy Bright Lights And Go Go Girls 14 Jay & The Rebels Guitar Woman 15 Bobby Mc & The Country Playboys Lonely World Of Hurt 16 Richie And The Rebels Rebel Rock 17 Edd McNeely & The Cousins Little Girl 18 Don Michel & The Misfits Hey Little Crayfish 19 Sonny Day & The Tony Ray Combo Creature From Outer Space 20 Jay & The Rebels 16 Wheels 21 The Stratocasters Three Guitar Theme 22 Jim Flint If You Don't Love Me 23 Barney Hughes I Don't Want The Blues 24 Grant Townsley 2 Minutes,40 Seconds 25 Ricky Ryal & McPherson 7 his Rebelairà Sycamore Lane 26 Joe Taylor & The Hitch Hikers The Big Bad Wolf 27 Bumble Bees Echo Boogie 28 Mister Mack Ice Cold Water 29 Aldon Hewitt Bill Paying Blues 30 Unknown Demo Betty Dear


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